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Emily's story appears in the Gazette. She is delighted. Mike is furious to receive a cheeky postcard from Doug in Germany. Curly panics at the thought of contending with a bright ambitious woman. The Duckworths worry that Alf will ask them to repay all they owe. The director of the clamping company calls Emily and accuses her of lying as he never gave her any money. Sgt Bannen calls at MVB Motors to ask Kevin if he knew anything of Doug's plans. He is surprised when Kevin talks to him as he witnessed "Kevin Webster"'s crash. Kevin bluffs his way through the interview but is terrified in case Bannen suspects something. Maureen is thrilled when Reg sets the wedding date as 24th September. Percy is forced to admit the £60 came from him. Emily accuses him of making her look a fool. She is furious, throws the money back at him and tells him to move out. Elaine Fenwick starts at Bettabuy and she makes it obvious that she wants to get on. Brendan Scott assures Deirdre that he'll be keeping her on at the shop. Bannen calls in CID, suspicious of "Kevin Webster". They identify "Kevin" as Steve through the stolen radios. Tracy delights in telling Ken she's been taken on full-time by Maggie. CID warns Mike that they suspect him of fraud.


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