Sally talks to Joe about her tax. He advises her to keep her money to herself. Liz tells Richard Willmore that she wants to carry on at The Queens. She agrees with Willmore's condition that Jim must never return. Andy comes home to the news of the bust-up. Steve urges him to try to help, realising it's important. Jim apologises to Liz for thumping Willmore. He urges her to return home. She's annoyed that he thinks saying sorry will make everything better. She wants her independence. When she tells him that Willmore is letting her stay on he tells her that he must be her fancy man. Denise refuses to talk to Hanif when he calls. Doug arranges to pick his Merc up. Reg tells Brendan Scott that he intends to buy a small business. Liz tells Andy that she's not going to chuck her big chance just to please Jim. Hanif apologises to Denise for thinking she was just after his money. She tells him that she doesn't want to see him again. Emily spends the day warning people not to park and be clamped. She is annoyed when she's told that she's causing an obstruction. Brendan finds out that Reg is buying Alf's shop. He tells Reg that he must be mad. Jim has enough of Steve siding with Liz. He tells the twins that Liz has been sleeping with Willmore and she's a whore. The boys refuse to believe him and walk out.


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