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Denise puts Fiona off when she asks for a rise. Angie is depressed about her future. Mike tells her that the best revenge is success. Sally encourages her to start doing her own designs from the flat. Angie collects her contact diary from Onyx and bumps into Hanif's mother who goes on about how irresponsible Hanif is. Joe Broughton contacts Sally and asks her to take on his son Jonathan. Angie plans to store some of the flat furniture at Mike's unit. Denise smarts after Raquel tells her, in front of the whole pub, that Hanif has called and can't make a date. Don takes Martin to The Queens to celebrate his birthday. Sally doesn't want to take on another child but takes a liking to Jonathan. She agrees to take him on. Jack calls at The Queens and gets Jim to give him free drinks. Curly delivers Angie's sewing machine with a bottle of wine. His plans fall flat when he finds Steve at the flat helping her to move furniture. Alma tells Mike that they are going to help Angie by storing the furniture at the unit and he has no say in the matter. Denise discovers that Hanif broke their date to visit his parents.


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