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Jim and Liz move out of No.11 and into The Queens. Liz is a bag of nerves. Raquel drops football and starts reading up on cricket as that's Gordon Blinkhorn's game. Liz is proud to have her name above her own pub. She gets to know her staff - cellarman Bob Cairns and barmaid Tanya Pooley. Bob warns Jim that Richard Willmore sacked the last manager for not dancing to his tune. Ivy looks after the Platt children and Rosie to give their parents the afternoon to themselves. Angie is depressed that she's jobless and manless. She helps Alma tidy the cafe as it's bank holiday. They eat chips together as comfort. Neil tells Denise that he's given his flat up and is leaving the area. She tells him that she's sorry it's all ended like this. He tells her that he will only go out of her life if she gives him back the £3,000 he gave her to start up business. Gordon doesn't want to rush Raquel but she encourages him to kiss her. Desperate to get rid of Neil, Denise writes him a cheque. Ivy tells Don that she'd like them to spend more time with the children and thinks about future excursions. He tells her that he won't let her use the children to make them seem a couple. Alma comforts Angie as she breaks down when Neil leaves, pushing a goodbye note through the cafe door.


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