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Raquel prepares a special meal for Wayne Farrell, hoping that he will propose marriage. Curly breaks the news to Deirdre that Reg has bought the shop. Curly asks Reg to recommend him for the manager's job. Reg tells him that he isn't going to give notice or ask for retirement as it might be refused; he's going to let his high standards slip so that Brendan Scott thinks he's not doing a good job. Bet and Stella Rigby are stunned when Liz hears that she's been given The Queens, the brewery's top pub. The McDonalds celebrate. Alf doesn't really want to leave the shop. Stella warns Bet that Richard Willmore is a ladies' man and may have taken a liking to Liz.


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Stella Rigby: "I've always said that one husband and one boyfriend at any one time is enough for a nice girl."
Bet Gilroy: "You sweet, old-fashioned thing..."

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