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Derek refuses to play into Des's hands by doing anything rash. Alf is asking £73,000 for the shop and flat. Bet warns Liz that she'll probably be given a rough pub to run. Liz is surprised to see Bet so jealous of the way she's got on. Bet is cold towards her and makes her work in the cellar. Betty asks Bet not to spoil things for Liz. The Citizens Advice Bureau tells Derek that it'll cost £1,000 to take Des to court and make him move the van. Reg and Curly hear from Bettabuy Head Office that the company are asking for redundancies at all levels. Maureen alerts Reg to the idea that he could buy a small business if he took redundancy. Mr Wilkie measures up No.6. and is stunned when Derek starts cutting the van up with a disc cutter. Bet gets Liz to slap her hand for being so horrid. Ivy considers getting Don to buy the shop with his compensation so they could run it together. Angie is fed up that all she and Neil have in common is sex. Bet tells Stella Rigby about the road-widening. Stella tells her that Harry Potts has been telling her the same about the White Swan and Clarence Street - they realise they've been taken in. Derek throws pieces of the van into Des's garden. Des is horrified as Mr Wilkie is there.


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