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Doug can't believe that he's ended up sleeping in a leaky camper van. Deirdre worries that she'll lose her job when the shop is sold. Reg rushes after Maureen with flowers, he trips and falls at her feet, twisting his knee. She feels sorry for him and takes him home. She nurses him but walks out when she overhears Curly congratulating Reg in getting her back in the flat. A couple looks over No.6. Hanif lays into Angie, accusing her of mouthing off about him having his own harem at work. He threatens to sack her if she spreads any more rumours. She is annoyed as she doesn't know what he's talking about. Derek gets onto the council about moving the camper van but learns it will take six weeks to move. Maureen tells Reg she believes that he didn't fall on purpose and wants them to part as friends. He refuses to part and proposes to her. Raquel admits to Gordon Blinkhorn that she doesn't know where she stands with Wayne Farrell. He tells her that Wayne is going to give a lesson at Weatherfield Comprehensive and suggests he takes her along. Des accepts the Wilkies' offer on No.6. He can't wait to get away from the house. Angie accuses Neil of telling Denise that Hanif's a womaniser. She tells him it's obvious that he still wants Denise. Maureen agrees to marry Reg but worries about telling Maud.


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