Episode 353 (29th April 1964)

Cobra Kai Season 4 - The Loop



Minnie has been released from hospital and convalesces with Ena with her torn ligament. Minnie's worried as she doesn't have Bobby with her and he's missing. Stuart tells Minnie he is arranging a surprise for her but can't say more. Concepta returns Bobby to Minnie, having given him a good feed. Jerry asks Len for a rise but Len tells him that trade's bad and he hasn't been paid by Laurie yet. He shows him the yard's unpaid bills. Len senses something is wrong but Jerry isn't forthcoming about his money troubles. Emily hopes she will see Elsie at the mission again on Sunday but gets no commitment. Elsie demands housekeeping money from Dennis. He diverts her attention by saying that Len is responsible for the accident with the bannisters. Jerry arrives home to find candles lit and Myra in tears as the electricity has been cut off for non-payment. Ena and Martha stay in rather than go to the Rovers to keep Minnie company. At Ena's request, Emily brings Amy Carlton's old bath chair round. Minnie angrily refuses to use it. Stuart tells her he's arranged a fortnight's holiday by the seaside for her. She's delighted and happily takes to the bath chair. Len lends Jerry £3 to pay the electricity and is told that it was due to a mistake. Len sees through his excuses but tells him has no more money for him. Worried for Len, Elsie asks Ena to intervene with Gus but she refuses. Against Jerry's wishes, Concepta is let into the house and sees the candles. She's told a fuse has blown. Myra tells Jerry that Wormold has sent another demand letter for the mortgage. Elsie tells Len that he's being sued and solicitors have been engaged for Minnie. He isn't bothered. Frank tells Len that Wormold is looking for him as he vouched for Jerry over the mortgage. Len is livid that Jerry has let him down.


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