Raquel resents the way that the McDonalds have taken over the Rovers. Andy returns to work a hero. Liz enjoys running the Rovers and considers applying for her own licence. Andy is annoyed to hear Reg blaming Jim for letting the money go. He smashes a box of vinegar on purpose. Jim grows sick of spending his time squashed at the Rovers and ignoring comments about his cowardliness. He frightens Steve by going to hit him. Andy is touched when the girls have a whip-round and give him £40 as he's not entitled to loss of earnings. Reg apologises to him and offers him money out of petty cash but Andy refuses it. Ken buys Mark a computer game to help his maths. Mark is mortified. Emily has enough of Percy criticising her driving. She drives off on her own instead of taking him to a bowling match. Neil gets Des to join him playing cards. Mark calls at Mike's flat and asks if he can stay the night as he doesn't want to be near Ken. Mike calls Maggie and she calls round, livid. Mark tells her that he's sick of Ken and wants to stay with Mike. Maggie has no option but leave them together. Neil gets annoyed when, instead of sitting in on her own all evening, Angie gets drunk at the Rovers. Angie tells him that he has to trust her. Looking after a building site, Jim catches a youth, Danny Wheeler, trying to break into a tool shed. Danny drops his jemmy and puts his hands up but Jim violently lays into him with his fists.


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