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Mike is delighted to discover Ken and the Redmans have returned from Brittany early. Mark is thrilled when Mike gives him a portable Gameboy. He tells Mike that he had a boring time with Ken. Emily is nervous of driving but Deirdre takes her in hand and gets her to drive them to the country for lunch. Steve is amazed when Vicky returns alone from Southampton. She explains that Alec is working and she didn't want to go back to school yet. Liz is put out when Vicky moves into the Rovers, despite Bet still being away. Maggie is frustrated that she's caught up in the battle between Ken, Mike and Mark. Jim wins the Easter egg that Liz raffles at the Rovers. He gets annoyed when some drinkers jokingly call the raffle a fix. He blows up and refuses to accept the egg. Raquel stops Vicky and Steve from sleeping together in the Rovers. She tells Steve that he should have more respect for Vicky and threatens to tell Bet. Vicky is resentful when Steve goes home. Reg asks Maureen to view his flat but she refuses, saying there'll be another time. Neil is annoyed as Angie works all bank holiday. Mike delights in annoying Ken, telling him that Mark has said what a boring time he had.


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