Steve is annoyed as Andy didn't take Gabby off anywhere. Sally feels used as Vera keeps dumping Tom on her for nothing. Steve is frustrated as Vicky goes to Southampton without having spent any time alone with him. Vicky is tired of Gabby but feels obliged to look after her. Emily enjoys the thought driving again and, despite Percy's reservations, considers visiting Hilda Ogden in Derbyshire. Bet and Rita leave for Tenerife. Masked gunmen burst into Bettabuy whilst Reg is at lunch with Maureen. They demand the till money from Jim who is collecting it. He gives them the money and they leave. One catches his foot and stumbles so Andy jumps on him. The gunman clubs Andy on the head with his gun. Liz takes over the Rovers but has to leave to rush to Andy. Jim goes with badly-cut Andy to hospital in an ambulance. Jim is furious with himself for not defending his son. Curly is furious that Reg has been wining and dining Maureen whilst he's coped with armed robbers. Reg asks him not to tell Head Office that he wasn't there. Vera is stunned when Sally tells her that she'll only mind Tommy again if she's paid the going rate. Andy's lip is stitched and he has mild concussion. He realises why Jim is often jumpy as every day he could be killed. Derek takes Mavis for a birthday meal and is annoyed when Harry Potts delays them by buying Mavis drinks. Jim tells Andy that he was an idiot for jumping the gunman but he's proud of him.


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  • To allow for European football coverage, this episode was transmitted at 6.50pm in all regions except for London where transmission took place at 9.30pm.
  • TV Times synopsis: Drama at Bettabuy shocks the whole street.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 15,830,000 viewers (2nd place - combined figure including repeat).
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