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Reg meets elderly, wheelchair-bound Maud Grimes again for the first time in many years but tries to deceive her by getting Maureen to introduce him as "Norman Watts". Phyllis is jealous of Percy's involvement with Olive Clarke. Maud finds her glasses and suddenly recognises Reg and is furious that he's in her house. She refuses to believe he's any different to how he used to be. Ken takes the Redmans to Brittany. Vicky returns for Easter with her friend Gabriella Lloyd-Williams. Vera advertises the Nova for sale in the local paper but no one shows any interest. Steve is put out that Vicky has brought a friend for the holidays but Vicky assures him she'll get rid of her. Maud feels Maureen is a fool to take up with Reg again. She runs over his foot in her wheelchair. Maureen feels it might be for the best if she gets out of Reg's life again. Des tells Vera he's going to have to tell the truth in court. Vera tells him the truth is he killed Lisa.


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Notable dialogue[]

Maud Grimes (about Reg Holdsworth): "Give 'im a chance? I wouldn't give 'im the steam off me tea."


Maud Grimes (to Reg Holdsworth): "You always did make a meal out of a mouthful, even when you were a kid. Telling me about how everything's changed? Some things never change... a pillock's always a pillock."

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