Vera blames Des for his statement, feeling that he's done Tommy out of his compensation. Percy receives a letter from Olive Clarke who saw the Gazette article about the traffic problems. She tells him that his old pal Nobby Clarke has died. He is sad as Nobby was his best pal in the army. Maureen is puzzled as Reg is cool towards her. Stella Rigby goes off to the Caribbean, offering Bet use of her villa in Tenerife. Percy contacts Olive and is invited round. The brewery tells Bet that they have no relief managers spare to cover her holiday. Mark is upset that he can't go away with Mike. Bet asks Liz to run the Rovers in her absence as relief manageress. Reg pretends he doesn't mind Maureen having a man. Liz isn't sure she could run a pub but Bet is certain she can. Vera and Jack worry about money as the bills pile up. She tells Jack that they'll have to get Des to change his statement and blame the driver. Reg accuses Maureen of taking him for a mug and tells her that he knows she has a man. She breaks the news that she in fact lives with her mother, Maud Grimes - Reg's old nemesis who he thought would have died long before. He is stunned. Liz is thrilled when Jim encourages her to run the Rovers. Jack asks Des to change his statement for Tommy's sake. Des refuses to commit perjury. Jack tells him that he owes it to Lisa to help Tom out.


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