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Gail is horrified when the police interview her over Carmel's accident. Martin gets protective and tries to get them to leave but Gail feels that she has nothing to hide. Andy starts back at Bettabuy and is impressed by checkout girl Amy Nelson. He is amused to see Jim calling at the store in his uniform. Gail gives the police a statement. Carmel is pleased when her grandfather John Finnan arrives. She tells him about Gail pushing her down stairs. Bet is relieved when Richard Willmore tells her that as she's made profits her contract will be renewed for another year. John Finnan talks to the Platts to find out what has been going on. When Martin tells him about Carmel's fake pregnancy, John tells them that this has all happened before. He explains how Carmel has had hospital treatment for her obsession and says that he'll take her back to Ireland for more help with all the charges dropped. The Platts are relieved that the nightmare is over. Martin tells Gail he's upset that she didn't really trust him over Carmel.


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