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Carmel tells Sally that Gail wants her to take David to a party. Sally is uneasy about letting him go and says that she'll have to phone Gail first. Carmel accuses her of thinking she's a liar but leaves when Sally takes David back and demands she leaves. Gail is shaken when Sally summons her. Sally feels they should bring the police in so Gail tells her that Carmel is obsessed with Martin and that she's saying her baby is his. Gail is determined that Carmel isn't going to wreck her marriage. Reg tells Maureen he wants to take her out again. Denise is surprised when Neil says he can't wait to divorce her. Gail calls on Carmel at her bedsit. Carmel denies trying to take David. Carmel tells her that she started everything by inviting her into her house; she willed Carmel to take Martin off her. Carmel suggests Gail sees a psychiatrist. Neil tells Angie he's finished with Denise and wants to make a fresh start with her as mates. She refuses as she knows she couldn't trust herself. Carmel pleads with Gail to let Martin leave. Gail shoves Carmel off her, Carmel falls down a flight of stairs and lies on the floor, groaning and clutching her stomach.


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Don Brennan (to Ivy): "Let me give you a bit of advice. Just listen to yerself, sometime. Doing people down. Tittle-tattling about other people. Just listen to yerself, and then maybe you'll understand why we're husband an' wife in name only."

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