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Reg has a busted lip and wants to have Neil arrested but no one is willing to be his witness. Angie wants to blame Denise for leading Neil on. Curly comforts her as she feels so foolish. Nicky worries that Martin and Gail might be divorcing. Maureen starts at Bettabuy. Phyllis feels closer to Percy. Denise swears to Angie that she's not been leading Neil on. Denise tells Angie about Neil wanting to stop the divorce. Denise makes her see that she still wants to be her friend. Reg is stunned to find Maureen Naylor, (née Grimes) - his old love - is working for him. Angie confronts Neil where he's working. She throws his stuff from her flat into his cement mixer. Reg is annoyed to discover that Maureen is now married. Ivy tells him that she's divorced. Neil apologises to Denise. Martin arranges with Don to start taxi-ing when he's not using his cab. Don gets him insurance as a named driver. Audrey reminds Gail that Brian left her because she thought Ian Latimer was Sarah Louise's father. Carmel accuses Gail of stopping Martin from going to college. She tells Gail that she intends to take Martin from her.


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Gail Platt: "Listen, Carmel. You think you know me... you wheedled your way into my house and you think you know me. You don't. I didn't get this family easily, and I'm not gonna let some twisted little girl like you take it away from me."
Carmel Finnan: "No? Watch me!"

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