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Vicky and Steve are pleased they spent the night together. She has no regrets. Curly is bitter as Neil helps Angie move out of No.7. and into the flat. Dr Carr rings Bet, asking how sick Alec is. Liz explains to her that Vicky has gone out with Steve and has been out all night. Bet is furious. Vicky returns to school and is shocked to find Bet there. Bet returns her "toilet bag" to her. Bet tells her that she's playing with fire. Vicky apologises but says she loves Steve and they took precautions. Harry Potts is eager to serve on the social services committee and hounds Alf for his backing. Bet warns Steve that if he ruins Vicky's life he'll live to regret it. Angie tells Neil that he's free to come and go as he pleases. Ivy warns Vera that she's too old to look after a baby without help but Vera refuses help or charity, saying that Tommy's her responsibility until Terry comes home.


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