Jerry is still in a mood about Frank's attitude. An unconcerned Myra has taken the £25 money out of their savings account and promises to take it round to Frank. Before Jerry can step out of the house, an embarrassed Frank turns up. Jerry leaves Myra to it. She gives a relieved Frank £20, asking him to keep quiet as the other £5 is to get a surprise for Jerry. Ena isn't impressed with Stuart's preaching. Martha accuses her of being against him as he plans to close down the Mission. Stuart calls on Emily and tells her that he plans to see the Mission bursting, not close it. He wants to brighten up the Mission but Emily warns him Ena will oppose him. Val is taken with Stuart and tells Concepta that she might take Ken to the service next Sunday. Myra asks Val to put a light under Jerry's dinner as she's going into town to put £5 down on a deposit for a holiday. James Folly from the HP company calls on Jerry and tells him that Myra hasn't made any payments for the last eight weeks. He's staggered to see their payment card confirms the story but says it must be a mistake. Hodges tells Ena he has no plans to close the Mission. He manages to flatter her round into agreeing to clean the walls. Minnie volunteers herself and Martha into helping. Ena passes the message on to Martha, saying she still can't make up her mind about Hodges. Jerry discovers Myra has not paid the mortgage for ten weeks. With Len away, he asks Harry's advice but denies he's in trouble. Harry realises the depths of his neighbour's problems. Frank tells Florrie that she made a fool of him over the Booths' debts. Myra arrives home with lots of bags. Before Jerry can say anything to him, she tells him with delight that she's pregnant.


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