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The local papers report on the overturning of Ted's will. Alf is annoyed when the gossips talk about Rita being a gold-digger. Ken tells Doug to stay away from Tracy - if he doesn't he threatens to report him for concealing assets. Doug agrees, realising that he means it. Roger Brookes calls on Rita, telling her that he's sorry for what's happened. She angrily throws him out. Ken tells Deirdre that she's brought on all her troubles by choosing unsuitable bed partners. Curly feels that Angie may have changed her feelings towards him as she hasn't mentioned moving out recently. Jack has enough of Vera spending money on Tommy - he points out that they're now living on his wage and they can't cope. She tells him that they'll get money from the driver's insurance. Deirdre has a new hairstyle. Rita refuses to regret meeting Ted. She knows that she made him happy. Derek is relieved when Rita tells him that she doesn't blame him for what he said in court. Curly prepares a romantic meal for Angie and is shattered when she tells him that she's moving into Alma's old flat.


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