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Deirdre is stunned to discover Tracy has been in the house all night. She is embarrassed to be caught out with Doug in the morning. Vera hopes that Lisa will come round whilst Terry's with her. Doug waits for Tracy at the building society but she doesn't turn up. Des is upset when Terry arrives at the hospital to see Lisa. He tells the nurses that Lisa wouldn't want that but he has the right as her husband. The Duckworths and Hortons nearly come to blows in the relatives' room as the Hortons feel that Terry has no right to see Lisa. Terry goes for Des, accusing him of not looking after Lisa. He is dragged off him by the prison officers. Vera is distraught by all that's happening. Mark is shy as he has a meal with Mike and Alma. She makes a special effort to be nice to him. Deirdre gets ready for her expensive meal out and is disappointed when Doug tells her that they'll have to postpone the meal as he hasn't got his money yet. Alma genuinely enjoys Mark's company. Tracy tells Doug the cheque hasn't gone through yet and arranges to meet him again. Des is with Lisa when she relapses. The hospital staff do everything they can but she dies. Des weeps over her body.


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