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Lisa is still unconscious after an emergency operation on her head. Des sits by her bedside, begging her to wake up. Vera is distraught by the accident but hopes that when she recovers, Lisa will see sense and stick with Terry. Alma realises that if Mark were her son Mike would refuse to talk to him but, for Mike's sake, she wants to get to know Mark. The Hortons visit Lisa and blame the Duckworths for ruining her life. Their row upsets Des. Alf feels guilty about Lisa's accident as he realises he could have done something to move the traffic. Vera is upset when Terry decides not to visit Lisa; she's nothing to him any more. Alma takes notes on teenage language from Tracy and footballers from Nicky. As Tracy is spending the night at Debbie Dawson's house, Deirdre entertains Doug at No.1. Angie lets Curly know that she's spending the night in Neil's bed. Deirdre lets Doug stay the night, thrilled to feel like a woman again. Terry changes his mind and decides to visit Lisa, Vera is delighted. Tracy returns home late and realises that Doug is upstairs.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Why has Alma Baldwin become so preoccupied with talking to local schoolchildren?
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 20,090,000 viewers (1st place - combined figure including repeat).
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