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Sally feels that she's fighting a losing battle and she wants to give up but Percy and Emily encourage her to fight on. They confront Alf and demand that he does something to stop the traffic. Alf advises Sally to stick to what she knows - child-rearing. She is incensed and gets into his car, driving and parking it right across the street so that it blocks all the traffic. To Alf's horror she then posts the keys into the postbox. Alf asks Steve to break into the car for him but Steve refuses, saying that it would be against the law. The traffic builds up both sides of the car and the drivers blame Alf. Mike is furious as he needs some spares which are stuck in the traffic jam. He orders Kevin to break into Alf's car and move it but Kevin refuses, backing Sally. The police arrive and tell Alf that they'll have to use force to move the car. When Percy refuses to stand back, he is escorted off the street by the police with Emily heckling them. Alf is horrified as the police attempt to smash his window with a truncheon, he grapples with them to stop him but the window is smashed and the police then arrest Alf for obstruction. Curly tries to stop Neil taking Angie out, saying that she's got work to do. Angie takes no notice of Curly. Alf is released with a warning, Audrey finds the incident amusing. Maggie tells Mike that he can see Mark once a week, Mike tries to take control of the situation but she refuses to let him. Mark appears and tells Maggie that she can't decide when he sees his dad; it's up to him.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Kevin advises Sally to do something dramatic in her fight against traffic. Little does he anticipate the events that follow.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 19,500,000 viewers (2nd place - combined figure including repeat).
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