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Vera thinks Lisa is a terrible mother. Jack is upset at the thought of Tom being brought up with Des. Des loves having Lisa and Tom around the house. Phyllis is shocked to find them installed. She fears that Des is going to get hurt again. Alf gets Audrey to move his "no parking" sign whilst he's in his car. He manoeuvres too quickly, making her jump into the street where she is hit by a van. Audrey is taken to hospital in an ambulance. Alf feels awful. Deirdre doesn't know how to cope with Tracy not talking to her. Audrey has a fractured wrist and bruises. Sally demands that the council does something to stop all the traffic travelling down the street. Lisa is too scared to leave the house in case she bumps into Vera. She knows she thinks she's a hussy. Jack makes Des promise that he'll look after Tom. Vera accuses Des of humiliating her. She blames Lisa for Terry ending up in prison and makes a scene in the Rovers. She calls Des scum. Deirdre worries when Tracy is late returning home from school. She comes home at 10.00pm, refusing to tell Deirdre where she's been. When Tracy calls her a rotten, cowing tart, Deirdre slaps her around the face.


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