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Gail feels that Martin must have given Carmel some sort of encouragement. He is just glad Carmel has gone. Mike wants to leave everything to Mark in his will. Alma tells him that for all she cares he can leave it all to Ken. Jeff Horton warns Lisa against getting involved with another man. Alf grows tired of never being able to park outside the shop and puts up a "parking for shop customers only" sign. Raquel is furious to read an interview when Wayne Farrell says his favourite girl's name is Samantha. Gail tells Sally about Carmel's departure. Sally tells her how she was always on about the Platts' marriage problems. Lisa tells Des that she wants to be with him but doesn't want to move into his house as it's directly opposite No.9. Des promises her that he'll sell the house and they'll move together. Gail asks Martin if he had any idea Carmel was going to jump on him at the bedsit. He says he didn't. Vicky arrives from Southampton to stay with Bet. Jeff accuses Des of taking Lisa for granted. Lisa tells Des that she can't stand Jeff's attitude and will move in with him.


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