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Gus tells Dennis that he's annoyed at the way that Elsie spoke to him. Dennis is worried that it puts his job at risk. He is alerted to the fact that there is an altercation in the street. Gus refuses to deal with it. The neighbours watch on happily as Laurie bangs on Elsie's door. She emerges and gives him a mouthful of vitriolic abuse. Dennis tries to get the watching neighbours to leave the scene but they refuse. Elsie slams back into the house as Dennis makes desperate excuses for his mother. Laurie makes it clear he doesn't blame him. Ena brings some of Elsie's discarded belongings back in. She tells her she did well in her confrontation but Elsie thinks she was foolish to ever believe in Laurie. Myra thinks the row means there'll be a vacancy at the club for her but Jerry won't let her take a job and they argue into the night. The next morning, Irma starts working at the Corner Shop. Ken enjoys his last week of late rising before the earlier starts with his new job. Jerry finds out from Frank that a load of fitted furniture is being delivered today. He worries when Myra tells him they'll be paying for it out of the housekeeping on instalments. They row again about her working but he gives in, so long as it's part-time only. Emily looks for Ena on an urgent private matter, intriguing Martha. The Frazers pack up, ready for their departure back to London. Rosemary is pleased she'll be able to keep an eye on Laurie back home. Laurie tells Myra there are no vacancies as he doesn't want to employ any of the troublesome residents of the street. Gus is left in charge of running the club. Martha and Annie are pleased to see the Frazers go and celebrate with a glass of port. Emily catches up with Ena and tells her that Stuart Hodges, a senior member of the Mission circuit will be taking over the Glad Tidings from Swindley. She's worried that the low turn-out at services will cause him to recommend the closure of the Mission.


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