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Neil puts the finishing touches to Denise's salon. Curly sells Reg the idea of having a Mother Christmas after Percy volunteers himself as Father Christmas again. They decide to enter the Spirit of Europe. Reg suggests that Percy tries Krazy Kuts and tells Curly he has to find Mother Christmas. The Platts enjoy having the house for themselves and hope that Carmel will leave for good soon. Carmel returns telling Gail that she's finished with Michael and he took it badly. Ken is pleased that Mark is beginning to trust him. Deirdre talks to him about Mark and realises that he has no idea who Mark's real father is. Angie falls asleep at work after being up all night designing for Mike. Denise is annoyed that the shop is taking so long to set up. Deirdre tells Tracy that she mustn't tell Ken about Mark. Percy is taken on at Krazy Kuts. When Neil kisses her, Angie surrenders herself to him.


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