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Vera begs Lisa to stay. Lisa tells her that she's sick of hearing how saintly Terry is meant to be. Vera goes for Jack when he tells Lisa he's sorry she married Terry. Jack tells Vera that it's time she started blaming Terry and stopped making excuses for him. Carmel tells Gail about her boyfriend Michael in Ireland. She considers giving up her course to marry him. Jack tells Lisa that he'll miss her as he's loved her being around. Gail feels uncomfortable about Carmel's love for Michael. Bet starts a Happy Hour. Liz feels it's encouraging people to get drunk. Steve begins to panic when Mike sends him to Burnley in his Jaguar. Des worries that Terry will think Lisa's left him for him. Steve enjoys driving the Jaguar. Carmel starts to quiz Martin about Brian, telling him it must have been awful stepping into his shoes. Martin finds the situation hard to handle. Vera is hurt when she realises that Lisa thinks she might try to abduct Tom. Lisa is adamant that Terry is a violent man and fears he might turn on her. She tells Vera she's leaving as she doesn't want Tom brought up around violence. Doug is glad when the courts make him officially bankrupt. Jack comforts Vera as Lisa and Tom leave for Blackpool with Doreen Horton.


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Notable dialogue[]

Jack Duckworth (to Vera Duckworth): "Blame me! Blame Lisa! Blame yerself... but one day yer gonna put the blame where it fits - on yer own flamin' son!"


Des Barnes (about the Duckworths): "I've seen what goes on in that house over there. It's a primitive life form. If you're talking evolution, you're talking about one step above fungus."

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