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Phyllis is shocked to find a bruised Des when she calls in to No.6 in the morning. He tells her he slipped in the bath and refuses to see a doctor. Gail feels that she overreacted in overruling Carmel the previous night. Des tells Lisa that Terry got heavies to assault him. She is stunned to think that Terry could be so stupid. Des makes her see that Vera must have told Terry about him, fearing she's going to lose Tom. Lisa lays into Vera, telling her that she now sees Terry for what he really is. Steve is horrified to fail his driving test for speeding. Knowing his job depends on him being able to drive, he tells everyone he passed. Sally is put out when Carmel picks Sarah Louise up from school. Vera admits to telling Terry about Des. Lisa tells her that she's sick of her manipulating her. Carmel tells Sally that Martin and Gail are having marriage problems. Lisa realises Terry is a thug and will never change. Vera is adamant that Terry is a victim of circumstances. Lisa tells Vera that she's not going to remain a prison wife and is going back to Blackpool.


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