Elsie sneaks back into the club before opening hours to see Laurie but finds only Rosemary there. She tells her she's decided to pack in her job there. Rosemary tells her that Laurie has lots of other women and she doesn't mind as he always returns to her. Elsie refuses to join in their games. Myra wants a foreign holiday and suggests they get credit for one. Jerry refuses but Myra tells him she's going to talk him round. Val says she and Ken won't be going to the club that night. Jerry worries that Myra is gambling too much. Dennis is aghast to hear that Elsie has given up her job and, annoyed that it might lead to him getting sacked, yells at her that she's an old bag. Hearing that Laurie being married is the cause, an unsympathetic Dennis tells her she's a hypocrite. They argue bitterly. Emily tries to get Val, Albert and Dennis to boost the congregation at the Mission but they're not interested. Laurie wonders why Elsie hasn't turned up for work. Rosemary tells him the reason and that it could cause trouble for the club as people round these parts stick together. She orders him to talk Elsie round. Emily tries to get Annie, Jack and Frank to attend the Mission but they all find excuses. Elsie's non-attendance causes problems as the casino room can't operate and Rosemary refuses to man the table permanently unless Elsie is talked round. Laurie deputises Gus to speak with Elsie. Ena, Minnie and Martha enjoy watching Elsie send Gus away with a flea in his ear. The Booths are non-committal to Emily's entreaties. Ena puts Minnie on watch while she and Martha wait in the Snug. Laurie goes to No.11 as time is called and the residents rush out to watch events, delighted as Elsie throws all the presents that Laurie bought her down at him in the Street from her bedroom window.


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