Carmel moves into No.8. Jim threatens to throw Andy out of the house if he doesn't return to university. Andy tells him that he's hated being pushed into university by his parents and accuses Jim of just wanting a son to show off about. Jim refuses to let him call himself a failure. Jim goes for him when Andy tells him that he's wasted his whole life. Derek is suspicious to see Harry Potts taking school light bulbs home but Harry tells him to mind his own business. The Platts throw a firework party. Andy admits to Paula that he's lonely in Sheffield but he's going back. She is relieved. Angie and Steve print the T-shirts at night. Mike catches them and demands £6 a T-shirt off Angie. She is furious as she's only getting £8. She pleads with him so he lets her off with £20 for the electricity. Lisa finds herself fancying Des. Jim and Andy apologise to each other. Jim is moved when Andy tells him that he's returning to Sheffield. Jim tells him that he's proud of him.


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