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Mark is embarrassed to find Ken talking to Maggie. Raquel objects to Doug flirting with her. Doug pesters Deirdre for a date but she's not interested. She doesn't feel that he's her type. Martin helps Nicky impress Mark by getting Wayne Farrell to call and give him his autograph. Wayne shows off his football skills to them. Martin tackles him and brings him down. Wayne is left with a knee injury. Raquel rushes to help him. Harry Potts pushes Derek to do all the work and orders him to throw out wallcharts from Ken's classroom. Angie is surprised to bump into Ben Williams. He is now managing a group called Dive. He asks Angie to design T-shirts for them to sell at gigs. Raquel rows with Martin, telling him that Wayne has torn a ligament. Andy returns home from Sheffield, telling Jim that he's had enough of university.


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