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Ivy assures Don that his life is his own. Reg feels Kimberley is using Curly so she can spy on Bettabuy for Krazy Kuts. His evidence is that they have a display called "Cheeses of the World" which was the 'brilliant' and 'innovative' idea that Reg thought up a few days before. Curly thinks that he's gone mad. Steve has his first job - fifty T-shirts for Weatherfield Car Auctions. Vera doesn't like the thought of Lisa spending her time with Des. Reg asks Curly to find out, through Kimberley, what Krazy Kuts are planning for Christmas. Steve wastes thirty T-shirts as he keeps smudging the prints. Angie discovers that the stencil needs redoing and helps him. Don goes to a casino with Frank Haskins. They chat up two women, Katie and Sandra, but Don doesn't enjoy himself. Curly gets Kimberley to give Reg some bogus Christmas promotion plans: topless checkout girls. Reg is mortified but Curly can't keep the joke up. Angie and Steve get the T-shirts out in time for Mike. German Klaus Muller searches in the area for Percy. Lisa is indignant when Vera tells her that people are talking about Des and her. Lisa tells Vera that Terry may be in prison, but she isn't.


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