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Raquel gets her holiday snaps back and upsets Jack by saying that she's topless in them but is refusing to show him them. Jack doesn't know what to do with his wage cheque. Roger Brookes tells Rita he believes that she didn't marry Ted for his money. He asks her to talk to his parents. Andy helps Paula move into her flat in Manchester. Vera and Lisa take Tom to see Terry for the first time. Vera is upset when the guards take the film out of her camera after she's taken a photograph of Terry and Tom. Rita meets with the Brookeses. Philip thinks the will is invalid because of Ted's illness. She is furious when Philip suggests that Ted wasn't in sound mind when he married her. Gail is pleased when Carmel agrees to look after the children whilst the Platts go away. Randolph Taylor talks Curly into having tea with the Taylors to please Kimberley. Bet takes the wedding ring off her finger and tells Betty that it's staying off.


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  • TV Times synopsis: How long will Jacko have to wait before he catches a glimpse of glamorous Raquel's holiday snaps?
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 17,820,000 viewers (3rd place).
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