Jack is let off with a parking ticket. Bet works out that the brewery is wrong - they're not overstaffed according to the monthly earnings. She doesn't know what to do. Ivy thinks that Don is hurting her on purpose by visiting the Street. Vera suggests that it's his way of staying in her life. Ivy calls at his B&B only to find he's moved and told the landlady not to give his address to her. Stella Rigby goes through Bet's books with her and tells her that she's right about not being overstaffed. She advises Bet not to complain to Richard Willmore as she's on probation. Carmel is lonely and talks the Platts into letting her babysit. Phyllis lets Lisa sit in Des's garden with Tom. Des doesn't mind. Bet doesn't care if she's putting her job on the line, she is not going to sack anyone. Gail is horrified to find Ivy drunk in the Rovers. She takes her home.


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