Sally gets her registration and is made an official childminder. Fearing for his job, Jack goes out of his way to prove his worth to Bet. Ivy agrees to look after the children so Gail and Martin can go away to Abersoch. Bet realises that Jack overheard her conversation with Richard Willmore. She warns him that he's not indispensable. Betty tells Bet she knows that she'll be the one to go as she doesn't need the money like the others. Bet tells her that she doesn't intend to lose her. Jack uses Don's disabled sticker to park illegally. When a policeman checks on him, he develops a limp to win him over. The policeman helps him to the car. Vera sees them and thinks that Jack's been arrested, she creates a fuss making the policeman suspicious. The policeman takes Jack's name.


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Vera Duckworth (to PC Goldman about Jack): "Duckworth - his name's Duckworth - but we're thinking of changing it to Pillock!"

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