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Sarah Brookes thanks Rita for making Ted happy. Jack makes the ultimate sacrifice and agrees to get rid of his pigeons. He gives them to Wally Middleton. The Brookeses, Bet, the Robertses, Emily and the Wiltons attend Ted's cremation with Rita. Sarah and Philip are annoyed to discover that others knew about Ted's illness when they didn't. Jack is heartbroken without his pigeons. He is stunned when some of them fly home to the coop. He gets Vera to agree to let him keep them as they must be lucky birds. Rita refuses to cry over Ted; she's glad that she met him and shared the happiest six months of her life with him.


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Notable dialogue[]

Mavis Wilton: "I mean, time was when we'd have had to close down for a week, out of respect."
Derek Wilton: "Oh, not nowadays."
Mavis Wilton: "Oh, well, Mrs Sharples would have had something to say."
Derek Wilton: "Mrs Sharples had something to say about everything if you ask me."
Mavis Wilton: "She did."
Derek Wilton: "Anyway, Rita's decision, not ours. Or Mrs Sharples".

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