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Martin tells Nicky that he wants him to repay the money at the rate of 50p a week. Bet starts to pack and becomes nostalgic about past customers and friends. Alec is rushed, sorting all his accounts and books out. Betty feels that Bet doesn't care what happens to the staff and tells her that she's disappointed in her. Paula tells Andy that she's decided to go to Manchester University, not Sheffield and has been offered a place. She tells him that she's too young to settle down and wants to meet new friends. He is upset and feels a mug for loving her. Bet is pleased when the brewery value the Rovers at £25,000; less than Alec wanted. She is stunned when Alec calmly accepts the offer, saying that the money isn't important. Bet realises she belongs at the Rovers and can't leave.


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Notable dialogue

Bet Gilroy: "I made some good pals - Betty, Mike, Alf, Ken, Deirdre, Rita... Rita's been grand, even if she did pinch Len off me - Len Fairclough was her first husband - I always fancied Len!"
Raquel Wolstenhulme: "But you stayed friends."
Bet Gilroy: "No fella's worth falling out with yer best mate over, love. Any road, it was a long time ago now."
Raquel Wolstenhulme: "Well she'll miss yer when yer go. They all will."
Bet Gilroy: "Not half as much as I'll miss them... If I go..."

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