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The Gilroys go to Southampton. Gail asks Nicky if he borrowed the £5. He says he didn't. Vicky doesn't care where she lives any more. Sally feels used by the Platts; there at their beck and call when they want her and easily dropped. Steve tells Vicky that he has been to bed with Susie Johnson but it was no big deal. He points out Vicky had made it clear she wasn't interested. Rita is worried when Ted stays out all day and doesn't contact her. Gail is jealous of the way Sarah Louise loves Sally. Rita calls at Highbank Avenue and discovers that Ted hasn't been there. Brenda Taylor gives Angie the once-over and offends her by saying it's clear that Curly couldn't be interested in her. Provoked, Angie lets it slip that Curly and Kimberley met again through a dating agency. Bet has to admit that they'd be fools not to go to Southampton. Rita contacts the police and reports Ted as a missing person.


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