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Bet and Vicky tell Alec that they don't want to move to Southampton. Ivy tells Don he should visit the church and seek help from God. Curly calls for Kimberley at the Taylors' house to take her to the Bettabuy dance. Brenda is cold towards him. Steve gets annoyed when Vicky teases him, kissing him but refusing to go any further. She gets upset when he tries to put his hand up her jumper. He accuses her of playing games. She is upset by his manner and runs off. Brenda warms to Curly when she discovers that he now has his own house. Kimberley and Curly enjoy the dance. Brendan Scott is there and he tells him that he's glad to see him taking on more responsibilities. He hints that there would be promotion for him if he were married. Curly asks Kimberley to marry him.


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Bet Gilroy: "Anybody who's ever worked for Annie Walker knows, there's only two types of folk in this world, them that have it and them that don't. And as she'd be the first in the queue to tell yer... I don't."

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