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Curly and Kimberley are pleased that they've found each other again. He is relieved to hear she isn't seeing Adrian Gosthorpe any more. Vicky and Steve go to the pictures without telling Alec. He fears that they're together at No.11. Curly and Kimberley agree to see each other again. Alec refuses to believe Vicky has been at the cinema and accuses her of canoodling with Steve. She is furious and throws the cinema ticket stubs at him. Bet tells Alec that he can't do anything to stop Vicky seeing Steve. Alec asks Steve exactly what his relationship with Vicky is about, telling him that he doesn't trust him. He tells Steve that he's not good enough for Vicky and he wants him to stay away from her. The cruise line gets onto Alec and asks him to call at their office in Southampton. Bet threatens to leave him if he takes another cruise.


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