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Ken is hung-over after his and Val's night out but remains coy about what he is celebrating. Albert also has a hangover after his night out with Ted Ashley. Martha tells the Walkers she's going to have a few days off as she's going to London. Laurie is impatient with the amount of time Len and his lads have taken over the club conversion. Laurie tells Len to tell Joyce Lennox there's a job for her at the club. Len sarcastically passes the message on to Eddie. Dennis's work at the Corner Shop has improved. Martha withdraws her savings for her train fare to London though she is shocked to hear how much it is. Dennis advises her to go by bus instead. Ted takes Albert for the hair of a dog. Ted is surprised that Martha is going to London as he didn't think she'd take him up on the offer. Ken gets a letter from the Lancashire Education Committee and tells Val he's got a new job as Head of English at Horton Technical College. Martha calls in her debts from Ena as she needs the money for her trip. Dennis adds items he likes to Elsie's order. Martha questions Ken about Australia and demands her club money off Val. Ted goes to the Vestry for tea where Ena questions him about home. He tells her that she'd like the place and she takes the opportunity to interpret the comment as a "proposal" that she duly refuses. Jerry worries as more furniture arrives at No.13. Minnie falls for Ena's ruse and tells Martha about the "proposal" but as far as Martha's concerned, she's still going to London.


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