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Ivy has to break the news to Nicky and Sarah Louise that Don doesn't live with her any more. She is touched when they both tell her that they love her. Rita struggles to cope with Ted as he suffers spasms. He tries to cope with them and doesn't like her fussing. He feels like a big useless child. Calling himself "Gerald Murray", Curly enrols at Cupid's Arrow Introduction Bureau. He says that he runs a megastore and is interested in car rallies. Vicky tells Nicholas Wilding that she wants an extra £50 a month. They compromise on £20. Steve tells his parents that he's not going to Ireland; they'll have to trust him on his own. Paula and Andy set off Interailing. Gail visits Don, she tells him that people care and he shouldn't cut everyone out of his life. Charmian Grey at the agency asks Curly to meet Janet Shaw for a date. Don phones Julie and asks her to visit him. She agrees.


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