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The spider escapes. The Rovers' staff are petrified at the thought of a huge spider at large. Ken refuses to apologise to Mike as a matter of principle, despite Alma pleading with him to. Alec orders the staff to search for the spider. Raquel refuses to stay under the same roof as a deadly spider at large. Alec fears that the health and safety people will close the pub if a customer sees it. Mike makes Emily see that she'll have to go to court as his witness. Emily tells Ken she resents him using their friendship to get back at Mike. Curly agrees to Raquel staying at No.7. Angie is less than thrilled. Harry Norton tells Alec that the spider is worth £500. Angie lets it be known that the spider is loose so the frightened customers leave the pub.


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  • TV Times synopsis: There's panic at the Rovers when a deadly animal is let loose.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 18,140,000 viewers (1st place).

Notable dialogue

Raquel Wolstenhulme: "I mean, can you imagine me lyin' in me bed and suddenly this 'orrible 'airy thing comes crawlin' all over me?"
Angie Freeman: "Thought you'd be used to that by now."


Vera Duckworth: "Well that's not what our Jack said - he said they eat mice! I mean, it must be poisonous!"
Alec Gilroy: "No, no, not at all, Vera."
Angie Freeman: "Well, what does it do? Club 'em to death?"

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