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Eddie is late for work and relieved that Len isn't there. Len takes his temper out on Dennis in the Corner Shop. Florrie has sacked Dennis eight times in two days but she still can't get rid of him. Albert makes arrangements to meet Ted. Annie gets annoyed when Ted disparages the area. Albert invites him to see his allotment. Having heard from Ted all about Australia, Minnie decides she wants a koala bear. Martha follows Ted to the allotments and finds out his farm is 30,000 acres large. She is also delighted to discover he is a widower. Ted tells her she should join him for a visit to his sister Alice in London as she's homesick for the north of England. Eddie tells Len he didn't know Joyce had stood him up when he took her out. Len grows unhappy at the age gap between him and Joyce. Val is amazed when Ken takes her out for a meal. Ena questions Martha and is amazed to hear about the size of Ted's farm. Ted and Albert go to an old haunt, The Grapes, where Ted is despondent to see how it has changed into a trendy bar. Ted tells Albert he'll never marry again. Elsie flares up at Laurie when he assumes that she'll want to work for him in the club. She tells him she will only work for him if he keeps to his promise to give Dennis a job and he agrees but she demands it in writing. Len wonders why Ken is in such a good mood. Martha tells a shocked Ena she's going to London with Ted and no one can stop her.


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