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Rita tries to help Ted relax when he suffers pain in his head. Don phones Julie who confirms that as far as she's concerned they're finished. He urges her to visit him so they can talk. Ivy loves Don and can't face the future without him. Gail tries to comfort her. Gail is annoyed when Steve chats up girls at the cafe instead of working. Jim hasn't got enough work to keep him occupied. He has a few drinks and knocks over Liz's flowers. She is furious. Audrey gets fed up with being stuck in the shop. Sensing Liz and Rita are depressed, she opens champagne and they have a picnic in the shop. Alf returns to find three drunken women in the shop. The doctor tells Don his foot is not healing itself as it's so badly damaged. Don is stunned when the doctor says that he wants to amputate his lower right leg.


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