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Don is out of danger and put in an ordinary ward. Angie gets an interview at Onyx Fashions for a buyer's job. She isn't keen as they were the people who stole her designs after her second year show. Andy refuses to feel guilty about the money as he's going to Europe. Don is thrilled when Julie Dewhurst visits him in hospital. Ivy finds them together and realises who Julie is. Julie is embarrassed and walks away. Hanif Ruparell, owner of Onyx, interviews Angie. She accuses him of stealing her designs but he shows her that he had no idea they were stolen. He apologises and she melts. Ivy accuses Don of carrying on with Julie and lying to her. Percy is pleased when Emily asks for him to visit her. She assures him that he had nothing to do with her illness. She thanks him for looking after her. Ted takes Rita on a mystery tour to Southport. Hanif gives Angie the job, admiring her spirit. Ivy breaks down, telling Gail that Don's got another woman and he must have crashed his car on purpose out of guilt.


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