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Steve and Andy celebrate their eighteenths. They are amazed when Jim and Liz give them £200 each. Although he plans to sell his house, Ted still wants to keep the garden looking nice. He refuses to wait around to die, having his first row with Rita. Don regains consciousness and he tells Ivy that he doesn't want to talk about the accident. The doctors tell Emily that she's been suffering from depression. She is upset over the way she treated Percy. Steve is suspicious and tackles Jim over where they got the money from. Jim tells him about Liz selling her ring. Angie is annoyed when she only gets a 2:2; she wanted a 2:1. She feels it's not good enough to get a job. Paula gives Andy a backpack for his birthday. Angie faints in the Rovers, after drinking on an empty stomach. Steve tells Andy that Liz sold her ring to give them their presents.


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  • This episode was transmitted at 6.30pm to allow for European football coverage.
  • Vera Duckworth is mistakenly listed as being played by Gail Platt in the end credits.
  • TV Times synopsis: The McDonald boys, Andy and Steve, celebrate their 18th birthday.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 12,470,000 viewers (11th place - combined figure including repeat).

Notable dialogue[]

Alec Gilroy (about Raquel Wolstenhulme): "She's always washing things out and hanging them up to dry, you know. She leaves her shoes where you'll fall over them. Also, I think she must be moulting - there's hairs everywhere. I opened the fridge this morning Jack, she's got her tights in there. She reckons it stops 'em laddering. And the scent... it's everywhere. Between 'er and Bet, my nasal passages are in rags... absolute rags!"

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