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Alma decides not to marry Mike; he's a liar. Audrey tells her if she wants to humiliate Mike she should do it in style - in front of everyone. Kevin is annoyed that Sally has bought expensive glasses for Mike and Alma. She is furious when he accidentally drops them. Ken gives Alma a bottle of champagne and wishes her well. Mike is relieved when Alma turns up just in time. She lets him sweat before agreeing to marry him. Gail, Martin, Sally, Kevin, Bet, Alec, Alf and Audrey witness the wedding. Don decides he's going to leave Ivy. He is annoyed when Julie tells him it makes no difference to her feelings. She refuses to be bullied by him. She tells him that she doesn't believe he'll leave Ivy completely. She urges him to go back to Ivy and forget about her. She wants him out of her life. Alec drops Sally's present again, Kevin stops her telling him it was already broken and Alec gives her £30 to replace it. Alma tells Mike she married him because she wanted to; she understands him completely now and she's not scared of him any more. She tells him that he'll never be able to lie to her again. Don feels he should have never returned to Ivy in the first place. He feels he's got nothing left. Julie tells him that if his life is wrecked then he wrecked it, not Ivy, God or her. He is stunned and tells her that she's right, but he still loves her. Ivy worries about Don's whereabouts. Don speeds along country roads without caring for his safety. He misses a bend and crashes the car.


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