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Rita tells Curly that she'll knock £2,000 off the price of No.7. for him. He thanks her. Ted's hands feel numb so Rita takes him to a doctor. Dr Carter tells them that it's early symptoms of a tumour. Ted confesses he's been feeling ill for a week. The doctor tells Ted that he can't drive any more. Derek changes his mind at the last moment and agrees to go to the wedding. Audrey, Alf, Bet and the Wiltons gather at the register office to see Rita marry Ted. They exchange vows and rings and are married. Emily decides not to go to the wedding and looks through old photographs instead. Derek is cold towards Ted's nephew Roger Brookes at the wedding. Rita has no regrets about marrying Ted. Don calls on Julie Dewhurst again who tells him that she's seeing other men. Curly tells Jack that Reg shopped Terry.


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