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Vera is touched when Lisa tells her that she's a good mate. Raquel calls Steph a bitch and accuses her of stealing Des off her. Alec dislikes having Raquel living at the Rovers. Steph worries that Des is banking on a reconciliation. Whilst Vera doesn't want anyone to know that Terry's in prison, Jack uses it as an excuse to get off work. Liz tells Bet that she's willing to return to the Rovers to cook food in the evenings. Derek rows with Mavis for not asking him to work with her at The Kabin when she takes over. She feels he won't be any good in the job. She knows that she's going to have to employ him but is determined to show him that she's boss. Curly is shocked when Vera tells him that Terry's up for GBH. Mavis formally offers Derek the job and he grudgingly accepts. Vera is disgusted that Jack took time off work to spend the afternoon at the bookies and the Legion when he should have visited Terry. Alec sees the sense in having Liz doing the evening cooking and offers her the job. Des is shattered when Steph tells him that she left Simon Beatty as she's found another man. He can't believe that she is playing with his emotions still. She promises him that when she does leave she'll do so for good.


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Derek Wilton: "You're monstrous, Mavis, monstrous! And here I am left... oh, I don't know... bereft, desolate... I can't think of a suitable word."
Mavis Wilton: "I can, Derek..."
Derek Wilton: "What?"
Mavis Wilton: "Unemployed!"

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